We value experience more than qualification level and will happily help you to fill any gaps you feel you may have in your knowledge.

We welcome already qualified divers to join us, regardless of which training agency certification you have. If you wish to continue with your training, we encourage you to cross-over to BSAC and take the next level qualification, but there is no obligation to do so. You can continue to dive with us and gain experience using your existing certification. For more information on BSAC training, check their website here

If you are not yet a diver, you can join us and start your BSAC Ocean Diver course. Check out our Training page

“How much do I pay?”

Branch Membership with Torbay BSAC is £150 per year. You will also need to join the BSAC national organisation which costs £60 per year (there are discounts available for BSAC Advanced Divers & Instructors, Students & Junior members, and Joint or Family memberships). See the BSAC website for full details.

“How do I pay?”

We prefer you to pay the branch fee in one lump sum, but you can pay in monthly instalments of £13.00 by means of bank standing order payable to “Torbay BSAC”. We will ask you to sign and set up the standing order with your bank. Get in touch with us via our email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details on joining us.

“What do I get?”

You will get unlimited air fills using the Club’s own compressor on Beacon Quay in Torquay.

You will have freedom to dive from the Club’s hard boat “Torbay Diver” (“TD1”) all year round. She is moored in the Harbour at Torquay and is easily accessible using the main entrance and the pontoons.

You have to pay £5.00 for each dive you make from the boat. Dive tokens are on sale at the Club’s weekly meetings and cost £5.00. You can buy one or several as you wish.

As a BSAC member, you will also receive the monthly glossy magazine 'SCUBA' by post, plus all the benefits of BSAC Plus membership and discounts. Note that currently, due to Covid-19 precautions, 'SCUBA' is only available online. We assume that mailing of the magazine will resume once the crisis is over. 

“What is a social member?”

Social members pay £20.00 per year. They are either not actively diving or only dive occasionally with the branch as a guest. 

More information is available here:  Information for Prospective Members


Our Address

Torbay BSAC
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