6 classroom sessions, 5 sheltered water/swimming pool sessions, 4 open water dives

The Ocean Diver qualification is the first level of BSAC diver training. More information on the Ocean Diver course from BSAC is available here

The course comprises : -

  • 6 Classroom lessons
  • 5 Swimming pool sessions, and
  • 4 Open Water dives

The classroom sessions cover the theory of diving.

The swimming pool sessions teach you practical skills and allow you to practice them in a controlled environment.

The Open Water dives take those skills to the marine environment. 

Courses are run on-demand and are taught 'in-house' by our volunteer, qualified instructors. These are charged 'at cost' (to cover the cost of pool hire, equipment servicing, etc). During training, the main items of scuba equipment (cylinder, regulators, buoyancy jacket) will be provided as part of the training fee. This equipment is fully serviced and maintained (several new sets were purchased in 2019). You should plan on buying your own basic equipment (mask, fins & snorkel), and when you are ready to go into cold water, you will need to purchase or hire a suitable wetsuit (or drysuit). Note that there are age limits for those able to train and dive with us (contact us for more information).

You can get more information (including costs) on our course here....Ocean Diver Course or contact us for when the next course will be run. Email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note that you can now sign up to do the theory lessons online directly with BSAC, but you will still need to do the practical lessons with a school or branch such as ours. The online course will be more expensive than doing the theory lessons with a branch (we don't charge for theory lessons, only for pool hire and equipment costs). You can still obtain the course materials as paper copies (which is the cheapest option), but if you want the online access as well, it will cost extra. Contact us to discuss what works for you. 

Other courses are available to progress your skills and experience, including:

Sports Diver -> Dive Leader -> Advanced Diver  For more information, see the BSAC website here.

There are also specialist courses available, such as drysuit diving, boat handling, and Nitrox qualifications. More information on these BSAC courses is available here.


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