Torbay BSAC invites all underwater photographers to take part in out “Splash in” competition 2019!

The date will be Saturday 29th June 2019.

There are to be three entry groups.

  • Wide angle
  • Macro
  • Compact cameras
  • Beginners (Not won any competition previously)

The Splash-In competition judges will be announced nearer the competition date.  

There will be a guest speaker on the evening of Saturday 29th June 2019 when prizes will be presented to the winning competitors.

There will be cash and sponsored prizes for first and second placed entry in each group, details to be announced nearer the competition date.

For more information please look at the competition rules.

If you would like to take part, please complete the application form

Presentation of prizes

The prizes in each of the categories – first and second place – will be presented on the evening of 29th June at Living Coasts. 

The weather

We hope the weather “Gods” will smile upon us. It is possible of course that they won’t. If adverse weather conditions develop during the night of 28th June or on the morning of 29th we shall take all reasonable steps to notify competitors as soon as possible.

The club will be guided by advice from HM Harbourmaster, Torquay and by HM Coastguard. If we are advised to cancel the competition on safety grounds, we shall follow it. Every possible effort will be made to contact competitors by phone or text. We will also place a notification by means of a post on the club Facebook page.

In the event of uncertainty about whether it is safe to dive, the simple answer is “Don’t”. If you want to check whether the competition is going to go ahead, please contact the club’s committee on 07500 214916

Please also note the remarks about personal safety contained in the rules.

Our Address

Torbay BSAC
Unit 0008
Beacon Quay