High and low water at Torquay on the 29th July 2019 will be as follows: -

High water 03:40 4.1m
Low water  09:50 1.7m
High water 16:20  4.2m
Low water  22:20 1.7m


Torbay Council operates nearly 40 car parks in Brixham, Paignton and Torquay. Details can be found at the following website: -


Charges will apply to all car parks unless otherwise stipulated by the Council.

Air fills

Air fills will be available from the following on 29th June 2019: -

  1. Torbay BSAC,
    • Address: The compressor room, Beacon Quay, Torquay Harbour.
    • There will be members of the club on duty from 9:00 a.m until 3:00 p.m on the day of the competition.
    • There will be no charge for air fills but a donation of £3.00 will be warmly welcome.
    • Nitrox will not be available.
  2. The Spearfishing store
    • Address: 371 Torquay Rd, Paignton TQ3 2BT
    • Tel: 01803 523023

Camera rinsing facilities

Containers of fresh water dedicated to rinsing camera equipment will be available at the Torquay Harbourside from 09:00 H on the morning of 29th June 2019 and until 18:00 H on the evening of 29th July 2019.

It will not be possible to provide rinsing facilities at other sites during the day and competitors are invited to make their own arrangements as may be needed.

Owners of equipment are solely responsible for it and Torbay BSAC accepts no responsibility for loss of or damage to equipment whilst it is being rinsed in the rinsing facilities mentioned above, or otherwise.


Torbay, Brixham and Paignton have no shortage of pubs, cafes and shops. A meal will be provided at a modest cost to those who attend the talk and awards event at Living Coasts Torquay Harbour on the evening of the competition.

Attendance at the evening event.

Is by ticket only. The price will be  £10.00 food only or £17 whith competion entry and includes buffet provided at the Entertainment Suite, Living Coasts. The cost of drinks is extra. Tickets will be available on the door on evening of the presentation.

Contact information

A member of Torbay BSAC will be available to contact from 8:00 H until 18:00 H on the evening of the competition on the following number...

07500 214916

Members of the Club will also be available at the club’s compressor room at Torquay Harbour throughout the day of the competition.

Our Address

Torbay BSAC
Unit 0008
Beacon Quay