1. 1. All entrants must observe the Underwater Photographers Code of Conduct. The code can be found at the following website. http://www.bsoup.org/Code.php
  2. All entries must be taken underwater save that “split” shots or “over unders” are permitted.
  3. All entries must be taken on the competition date. The competition date will begin at 00:00 H on 29th June 2019 and end at 16:30 H on 29th June 2019. Note the submission cut off point below.
  4. All entries must be taken during the course dives in Torbay, Devon on the date of the competition. “Dives in Torbay” shall be defined as including any site located between Berry Head, Brixham and the north of Oddicombe Beach, Torquay within the boundaries of Torquay Harbour as shown on maritime charts. Photographs taken during shore dives and boat dives are permitted.
  5. There shall be Four “competition categories”: -
    • Best wide-angle image.
    • Best macro or close up image.
    • Best compact camera image.
    • Beginner 

A first and second prize will be awarded in each competition category.

  1. The entrant must be the person who took the image entered into the competition.
  2. No image entered should have been entered in any other photography competition whatever it is and irrespective of who organised it.
  3. The competition is judged anonymously.
  4. The judging of the competition will take place on the evening of 29th June and the winning entries announced at Living Coasts  at 20:30 H (8:30 p.m) latest.
  5. All contestants shall be personally liable for their own safety during and after diving. They are responsible for their own diving practices. They are responsible for ensuring that they are suitably qualified and experienced to complete the diving they plan to conduct. They are responsible for planning their dives, the timing of dives, for providing safety cover on-shore – if that is considered necessary - and for determining whether and if so where and when it is safe to dive, taking into account, wind, weather conditions, prevailing tides and navigational and all other hazards.
  6. No responsibility for the personal safety of contestants shall attach to or remain with Torbay BSAC, with BSAC or with any member or official of either organisation.

Image Format and Size

  1. Entries must be digital and in JPG format. No other format will be accepted.
  2. All entries must be submitted on a USB flash drive, not a camera card.
  3. The winner may be asked to produce the original JPG, RAW or TIFF image for examination by the Judges and agrees to do so.
  4. While cropping is permitted, images should be submitted in the largest size jpg possible, please do not resize your image. Where-ever possible please format to 300dpi and use sRGB colour profile.
  5. Filename should be in the format “Contestant Number – category – image number.jpg”. For example, contestant number 12 would use: “12-wideangle-1.jpg”, “12-wideangle-2.jpg”, “12-closeup-1.jpg” and “12-compact-1.jpg” and so on.
  6. Only 2 images are permitted in each of the competition categories.
  7. Remote control photography (e.g. pole cams) is permitted.
  8. There is no limit (other than those imposed by sensible diving practices) to the number of dives a competitor may make within the window set out at 3 above, provided that they are submitted prior to the deadline mentioned below.
  9. All automatic and manual in-camera processing is allowed but must remain within the spirit of the competition.
  10. Out-of-camera processing is permitted as follows: -
    • Cropping to improve composition.
    • Global adjustments intended to restore colour and contrast are allowed. Similarly changes to colour balance, exposure, contrast, tone, highlights and shadows, clarity, noise, vibrancy, saturation and lens distortion corrections and global adjustment conducted through software packages.
    • No localised changes to specific parts of an image are permitted. This includes cloning for back-scatter removal, partial image blurring or the inclusion of artificial vignettes.

Competition Entries

  1. All Images must be submitted no later than 17:00 H (5:00 p.m) on the evening of 29th June. The venue for handing in the images is to be the BSAC Tent, which will be located on Beacon Quay, Torquay Harbour. Torbay BSAC officials will be present to receive them.
  2. The judging of the entries will take place between 18:00 H (6:00 p.m) and 20:00 H (8:00 p.m) on 29th June 2019.
  3. Presentations will be made to the first and second prize winners in each of the three categories on the evening of 29th June 2019.


  1. Torbay BSAC reserves the right to publish winning images in SCUBA magazine and on its website www.torbay-bsac.co.uk.
  2. Images may also be used royalty free in media coverage of the event, in the local newspaper and as future promotional material for the competition such as magazine publications, webpages and so on but copyright will always remain with the photographer, who will be consulted for any other use of images not declared here.

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