Items for sale by members. If you are interested in an item listed here, please contact the seller directly or send us an email at the address below. 

If you have something to list for sale, send a description with your contact details, and if possible a photo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


SEAC drysuit

John Halstead has a neoprene SEAC drysuit for sale, It is in like-new condition (never used in anger). Size Large (5' 11", 40-42" chest). Comes with inflation hose, hood and bag. Only £395. Can be tried on at Wednesday social - email us or talk to John. 



Nauticam ports for Sony 90mm macro lens (E-mount)

Nauticam ports used for Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS lens (E-Mount) comprising N85 to N120 60mm port adaptor (36204) and Macro port 60 (18701). New these cost over £750. These are very little used and in as-new condition with new O-rings for both. Shipping charges at cost and you are responsible for any import duties, etc. Price: £500 + shipping. Email club for details. 




A 12 litre and a 15 litre cylinder are for sale. Both are steel with A-clamp/DIN convertable valves. NOT in test. Contact Terry Blackmore if interested. Can be viewed in the Compressor Room.




Banana Bite wetsuit (probably 3mm), good condition, Size 12, would suit teenager or petite adult (?). Donated to club - make us an offer...


ASSORTED GEAR (including a Beaver Storm BCD)

Some equipment donated by Mark Hedges. Available free to a good home or offer a donation to the club. Email us if interested in any of these items (can be viewed in Compressor Room). 


From left to right: DUI Rock Boots Size 8, TUSA bootees Size 47-48, dive reel, Suunto contents gauge/compass, inflatable 'blob'.


From left to right: shorty wetsuit suitable for pool, long jon wetsuit, neoprene hood, Beaver mesh kit bag (unfolds), regulator bag.



SMB and Regulator set donated by Peter Bennett.

Inflatable SMB (suitable for shore dives or snorkelling). Made by IST, comes with both UK and Intl. flags. Free to a good home. Email us if interested.

This is an A-clamp Aqualung Conshelf Supreme first stage with Spiro Club second stage, an Oceanic octopus, and a triple console (Oceanic depth gauge/Oceanic compass/Dive Dynamics pressure gauge). A service would be required and the depth gauge has not been tested. There's a BCD inflator hose, but it would be advisable to renew all hoses. Note that there is no spare first stage port available to connect a drysuit hose. Make an offer. Email us if interested.



GoPro filters

Jerry has got some underwater filters for a GoPro housing that he is giving away. If interested, contact Jerry and he can bring along to see if they'll fit your housing (they don't fit his!)



Mick Jackman has donated some diving-related DVDs. If you are interested in taking one, they'll be at the Thursday evening social (or email us). A £1 donation into the raffle pot for each one would be appreciated...




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