The Ocean Diver qualification is the first level of BSAC diver training. More information from BSAC can be found online here. The course comprises: -

  • 6 Classroom lessons
  • 5 Swimming pool sessions, and
  • 4 Open Water dives

The classroom sessions cover the theory of diving. The swimming pool sessions teach you practical skills and allow you to practice them in a controlled environment. The Open Water dives take those skills to the marine environment.

Ocean Diver courses are run on-demand and are taught 'in-house' by our volunteer, qualified instructors. The timing and duration of the courses are flexible, depending on student availability and progress, instructor and pool availability, weather conditions, etc. Generally, you can expect a course to take several months, although it can sometimes be shorter. There is a training fee for the course, which includes the BSAC manuals, logbook, and certification card. The courses are effectively charged 'at cost' (to cover the cost of BSAC training pack, pool hire, equipment servicing, etc).

To train as a BSAC Ocean Diver in branch, you need to be a member of BSAC (British Sub-Aqua Club), the national body, as well as the local branch (Torbay BSAC). National membership provides you with liability insurance and a subscription to the glossy monthly magazine ‘SCUBA’. As a member of the local branch, you have access to our facilities in Torquay, including free air fills and the opportunity to join divers from our hardboat.

During training, hire of the main items of scuba equipment (cylinder, regulators, buoyancy jacket) is included as part of the training fee. This equipment is fully serviced and maintained (several new sets were purchased in 2019). You should plan on buying your own basic equipment (mask, fins & snorkel), and when you are ready to go into cold water, you will need to purchase or hire a suitable wetsuit (or drysuit). After completing your certification, you will need to purchase your own diving equipment, but we often have used equipment for sale to members (check out the For Sale page on our website).

Summary of Costs

BSAC Annual Membership:                £60.50 *

Torbay BSAC Membership:                £150 per year (or £13 per month by Standing Order)  

Ocean Diver training fee:                    £200 (includes manuals & equipment)

                                    Total:               £410.50 (adult price)

* if joining via the branch (£10 extra if joining BSAC Direct). BSAC subscriptions are abated for Joint Members (at same address): £42, Junior Members (12-17 years old or students 18+ in full-time education): £32, Family Membership: £111.

Please contact us for course availability. Email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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